North Cadbury & Yarlington Parish
Tuesday 02 June 2020

Woolston Village

Woolston is an attractive hamlet which sits astride the boundary between North Cadbury and Yarlington parishes.

In the early 19th century agriculture supported two large houses, nine farms, several cottages, a small shop and a blacksmith. Nowadays all the farmhouses are private homes and the older cottages have been converted from multiple to single occupancy. One of the larger houses has recently been rebuilt after total destruction by fire.

In agriculture two farmers work the land, only one of whom lives in Woolston in a new farmhouse. Other houses and bungalows have been built in the last century but few of their occupants are directly connected to agriculture.

Recent enterprises include The Cider Apple Nursery (not confined to cider trees) and, most recently, a livery stable at Lower Manor Farm.