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Thursday 26 April 2018

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Somerset Libraries Consultation 2018 - Consultation Closing Date 22 April 2018


From Monday 29 January, members of the public, businesses and organisations are asked to read the proposals online  and complete a questionnaire, basing their responses on the library they visit most often and putting forward possible alternative proposals for consideration.

Library services will continue across Somerset whatever the response from this consultation and no decisions will be made until after the consultation concludes on 22 April and all results are fully analysed. We expect to make a final decision in June/July.

The full decision to go to consultation paper can be viewed here:  Appendix 1 provides a summary of the proposals and Appendix 4 gives a schedule of events across the county being held as part of the forthcoming consultation.

under the proposals, 15 of our 34 libraries would be seeking community involvement to remain open. Where this is not possible, services would instead be provided either through outreach in community venues or through additional mobile library stops.  For a further seven libraries, the County Council is consulting on two different options – either to seek community involvement or to keep existing library services as they currently are.

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