North Cadbury & Yarlington Parish
Tuesday 02 June 2020

Galhampton Village

The village of Galhampton is part of the Parish of North Cadbury and Yarlington. It is located on the A359,  but almost all of the houses are situated to the east of this road.

Like most of the surrounding villages it was based on agriculture and in 1945 had about 10 farms. This has now been reduced to two. It has in the past supported two agricultural engineering companies but sadly one of these has now closed. There is one agricultural contracting business.

The village used to have two chapels but now has only one, the other having been sold and converted into a dwelling house. Regular church services are held at the remaining one. There is also a village hall which has been up dated from time to time and enjoys regular bookings for private use. The village hall committee regularly organises events for the maintenance of the hall and the benefit of the village.

The housing in the village is mixed, some being several hundred years old. There was an expansion of houses in the 60s and 70s. There is one inn named "The Old Pub" that is located on the main road on the edge of the village which can cater for both local and passing trade. Unfortunately there is no village shop,  but on the plus side there is a modern playing field which has been recently updated with modem equipment.

The parish of North Cadbury & Yarlington which includes Galhampton enjoys good communications with the A303 close by and also two main railway lines to London and in the other direction to the South-West of the country. The attractive small town of Castle Cary is 1 mile away where most shopping can be done in a good range of shops.