North Cadbury & Yarlington Parish
Tuesday 02 June 2020

Allotment Association

The North Cadbury & Yarlington Parish began an Allotment Association in 2010 thanks to a local farmer, the parish council and the local residents who wanted an area to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

The allotments contain 14 plots consisting of some half plots with one being used by the local primary school to educate the young growers.

Each allotment is unique and allotment holders share their tips so everyone can have great success in the growing season.

The fees for an allotment is modest which enables the parish council and allotment association to maintain any areas that need attention.

If you have any questions or would like an allotment please get in touch with Sam Davey, Chairperson of the Allotment Association via telephone - 01963 441382 or email -

Please see the Parish Council Documents page to see the North Cadbury & Yarlington Parish Allotment Association's minutes.